Team Work Makes The Dream Work!


Hi, Im Nicoletta, the creator and face of Marshmallow Blends. I have always had a love of bath and body products from being a little girl which has never left me at the age of 47 From mixing rose petals in the garden to building a buisness from my kitchen to where we are today. Marshmallow Blends is a labour of love.

I still personally design and test every product that hits our shelves. I hope a little bit of magic and happiness is felt by our customers everytime they use one of our products.

I am forever grateful for my amazing team and our wonderful customers who have supported us over the years.


Ruth has been with us for 8 years, she intially started in the wombwell shop and moved over to our arcade store in 2019 then onto the new Glassworks Store, Ruth is also in production and creates a array of products from our beautiful shower fluffs and scrubs all the way too our hoover discs. She is really proud and passionate about products and our lovely shops. While doing all of this she is also smashing being a single mother of a 12 year old. Ruth loves our fluff and scrub but absoulty hates rubbish labelling.


Sam has been at marshmallow blends for 5 and half years, her main focus is making and painting the bath bombs. Sam also makes our foaming epsom salts, carpet deoderisers, room sprays and wax melts when needed. She's always the one you can count on to make everyone laugh. she also loves her food its the favourite part of her day.


Jo has worked for us for 5 years, she started off in the wombwell shop and eventually moved over to production, if youve ever tried on of our lovely soapy sponges or crumble blocks chanced are Jo was the one that made it. Jo is always up for doing anything fun, shes often singing and we all agree she has an amazing voice.


This is our lovely Hollie, she is passionate about bath and body products that work, make you feel beautiful and don't have a negative impact on the planet. Hollie works in the town shop, she has 10+ years expierence in bath + body products so if you need any advice pop in and see her.


This is Lizzy, she is the face behind all of the lovely posters you see on our social media, she is also in charge of keeping you up to date on all our lovely products via social media.


Chelsea has worked with us now for nearly a year in our wombwell shop, she fufills online orders and also makes our lovely shower gel, bubble baths and body butters. She is also the main person behind most of our tiktoks, and takes part in our tiktok lives. When shes not working you can find chelsea making memories with her little girl.


Charlotte has also been with us nearly a year now, she works in the Wombwell shop, fufilling online orders, making our lovely shower gels, bubble baths and body butter. She has been obsessed with our products since 2017.


Aimee is our newest member of the team and has worked for us in production since December 2022, she was taken under the wing of Sam, she makes and paints bathbombs and is a natural at making our soapy sponges, when Aimee has succesfully finished her bath bomb production her signature move is a lap around the unit, when shes not in the unit making our lovely products shes more than likely thinking about food!