About Us

As a busy mum, Nicoletta spent most of her spare time researching natural ingredients and oils to go on and create her own unique recipes in her kitchen at home resulting in some of the products that are still loved and found in the Marshmallow Blends stores to this present day.

One of the first products ever made was the iconic range of body butters which is where our name Marshmallow Blends stemmed from.

Marshmallows  The body butters feel soft and fluffy.
Blends  The fragrance, colours and ingredients blend in harmony.

In late 2015, Marshmallow Blends was born, and the first store opened in Wombwell. In 2019, we branched out to the famous street of Victorian Arcade in Barnsley centre where we won the Best Retail Business of 2019 within the first six months of operating! 

In Late 2022 we moved our beloved Victorian Arcade store into the new Glassworks in Barnsley centre. 

Marshmallow Blends vision was to create beautiful handmade Bath, body and fragrance artisan products with an emphasis on beautiful fragrances and gentle skin nurturing ingredients.