The Ultimate Snowy F Collection Gift Set

The Ultimate Snowy F Collection!

Do you or someone you know adore snowy f?

Here we give you our ultimate snowy f collection.

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This set includes:

  • Snowy F Room Spray 
  • Snowy F Soapy Sponge
  • Snowy F Wax Slab
  • Snowy F Bubble Scoop
  • Snowy F Crumble Block
  • Snowy F Bubble Bath 
  • Snowy F Foaming Epsom Salts
  • Snowy F Bath Bomb
  • Snowy F Shower Gel
  • Snowy F Lotion Bar
  • Snowy F Luxury Bath Truffle
  • Snowy F Shower Fluff 
  • Snowy F Bubbling Cream Scrub
  • Snowy F Body Butter
  • Snowy F Carpet Deodoriser
  • Snowy F Hoover Discs

Now you know what is in it let us tell you how to use it!

Snowy F Room Spray - Spray into the air or onto fabric 

Snowy F Soapy Sponge - Wet sponge and use to wash body (store in a dry place after use.

Snowy F Wax Slab - Break off a small amount and place into burner

Snowy F Bubble Scoop - Break in half and crumble under running tap. 

Snowy F Crumble Block - Break off small amount and place under running tap.

Snowy F Bubble Bath - Pour a small amount under running water.

Snowy F Foaming Epsom Salts - Pour about a third of the bag under a running, relax in the bath for at least 30 minutes to feel the full benefits. 

Snowy F Bath Bomb - Place into ran bath and wait until fully dissolved. 

Snowy F Shower Gel - Use small amount of shower gel on a shower puff.

Snowy F Lotion Bar - Warm in hands and massage into skin or use directly on skin.

Snowy F Luxury Bath Truffle - Pop into running bath and let melt.

Snowy F Shower Fluff - Use small amount to wash skin. Perfect for shaving.

Snowy F Bubbling Cream Scrub - Use a small amount of scrub to exfoliate the skin.

Snowy F Body Butter - Use a small amount over the skin to nourish dry skin. 

Snowy F Carpet Deodoriser - Sprinkle onto the carpet and leave for 10-15 minutes then Hoover up.

Snowy F Hoover Discs - Place one into filter of hoover and use as normal.


Pre Order For Collection Here

Pre Order For Delivery Here

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