How To Use Wax Melts Like A Pro

Some questions we get asked quite a lot is how do you use these? Do I just put the whole thing in? So in this post we are going to talk you through using our wax melts.

About our wax melts.

Our wax melts come in a variety of different shapes sizes, our most popular being our wax melt pots we have over 30 fragrance choices in our pots, we have some that stay permanent and others that change with the seasons (or the seasons we are supposed to get) Some of our most popular scents are Adore Lenor, Snowy F, Mr GreyWasher Woman and Black Cherry. All our wax melts are made using eco soya Wax.

Do I need to put the whole thing in?

The Short answer is No. For our snap bars all you need is a segment, these are pre marked so all you need to do is snap it off and place into burner, for even less mess snap off in packet. When it comes to our pots all you need is a quarter, we recommend popping the wax melt out of the pot and cutting it into quarters then add a quarter to your burner.  

What Burners can I use with my wax melts?

Here at marshmallow blends we sell both electric and tealight burners. Depending on personal preference, our electric burners are great for anyone that doesn't want a naked flame plus as these also act as a lamp can make any room feel just a little bit more cosy.

Our tea light burners are equally amazing, and come in a mixture of shapes, colours and sizes, and are excellent for the freedom of moving them where ever takes your fancy. 

Can I only burn it once?

Not at all, you can keep burning the wax until you can no longer smell the fragrance, this could be once or several times depending on your use of the wax melt. 

How to remove the wax once its been used?

We have lots of tips and tricks for getting wax out of your burners,

  • You can use the melt with burner then use cotton rounds to soak up the wax once melted.
  • You can melt for around 20-30 seconds then pop out but please be careful as the bottom of the wax may be hot.
  • You can place a piece of ribbon in the wax melt then when fully cooled pull the ribbon and it should pop out.
  • Using your freezer, place burner or pot into freezer for 10-20 minutes pop out the wax and wipe over with a a piece of kitchen roll.

So that is all there is to know about our wax melts, thank you for reading our post and please let us know what is your favourite wax in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading 

Marshmallow Blends Team




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